Three-axis Handheld Stabilizer
SIRUI ES-02 Three-axis Handheld Stabilizer
SIRUI ES-02 Three-axis Handheld Stabilizer stabilizes your shot with an intelligent algorithm. It's electronic anti-shake technology and its stable motorized system perfectly match the movement of the three axes allowing for the most amazing shooting results. The ES-02 can almost eliminate the shaking of the frame on your mobile camera by counteracting the movements of the human body. It will keep your photos and videos steady at all times and bring you a smooth and fantastic shooting experience.
Follow Feature with Precise focusing
Easily record amazing moment anytime,with the touch of your finger you can instantly follow your subject with the SIRUI App on your mobile phone. The SIRUI ES-02 stabilizer will allow your mobile phone to focus and track your subject automatically without shaking, and is the perfect assistant to help you shoot stable and high-quality images.
Beauty Filter
The SIRUI ES-02 App has an automatic Portrait Retouching feature built in for perfect portraits with one touch.
Camera Timer
Camera Timer Function in the SIRUI SMART APP can helps delay the mobile phones shutter release for 1,2,3,4,5 or 10 seconds. It’s the perfect option for getting yourself in the image and setting the specific time of shutter release.
Anti-shaking for Steady Shooting
SIRUI ES-02 Three-axis Handheld Stabilize steadies your shot with an intelligent algorithm, its electronic anti-shake technology steadies the phone to counteract movement keeping your photos and videos stable. Get the steadiest video and blur free images every time with the SIRUI ES-02 Three-axis stabilizer.
360° Panoramic Shooting
The SIRUI ES-02 has a 360°Panoramic Shooting mode that allows the ball head to pan automati-cally and keeps your mobile phone shooting through the SIRUI App. The App will combine the images into a beautiful panoramic photo. Expand your horizons and easily capture those stunning 360° panoramic images.
Easy Control and Mode Changes
SIRUI ES-02 is made with high strength aluminum and ABS, it is simple and streamlined in appearance and is ergonomically designed to maximize your comfort during shooting. It can be easily and quickly controlled with just one hand. Its multi-directional rocker technology can adjust the ES-02′s angle in all directions and accurately adjust based on the user′s movement. Linear output can achieve great stability of the lens. Simple finger controls allow for easy transition from mode to mode.
Portable and Protective Case
Other Intelligent Mode
SIRUI ES-02 Three-axis Handheld Stabilizer combines the SIRUI SMART APP that can help you to maxi-mize the control and use the ES-02. Realize the benefits of intelligent photographic control with easy mode switching, multi-filter control and other functions. The SIRUI SMART APP can also help you to share your work to the internet anytime and anywhere. Maximize your shooting experience and let us help you capture your imagination and beyond!

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